A Film by Jivan Avetisyan
Gate to Heaven
Drama, History, War
Gate to Heaven
91 minutes
English, German, French, and Armenian (Artsakhian dialect)
Armenia and Lithuania
Fish eye Art Cultural Foundation (Armenia)

Fish eye Art Cultural Foundation (Armenia),
ARTBOX Production House (Lithuania),
7 Morgen Filmproduktion (Germany)
Glaam Media Invest (France)
ARTsakh Arts and Cultural Foundation (USA)
Hirair and Nina Hovnanian Foundation (USA)
National Cinema Center of Armenia (Armenia)
Swiss South Caucasus Foundation (Switzerland)
Timeless Production Group (Bulgaria)
The Lab – A Media Production Company (Czech Republic)
Ala Bianca S.R.L. (Italy)

Director: Jivan Avetisyan
Haunted by his past, German journalist Robert Sternvall returns to Artsakh after 22 years when the Nagorno-Karabakh war reignites to cover the conflict.Read More
Conflict and war have plagued mankind from the very early stages of history. It has always been very difficult to present the truth in its ...Read More
``Gate to Heaven`` tells the truth about God’s mighty power and how each and every one of us is led to our unique paths. It is on that path that we ...Read More
Jivan is an Armenian film director, born in Gyumri, raised in Artsakh and currently based in the capital city of Yerevan, Armenia. As a child, Jivan grew up during one of the most violent conflicts in the Caucuses, understands well the brutal consequences of war.Read More

Jivan Avetisyan was Selected to the Prestigious Berlinale Talent 2020

(Robert Sternvall) - Richard was born in Heidelberg, Germany and studied music and acting in Hildesheim, Germany, in Aix en Provence, France and in Rome, Italy ...Read More
(Tereza Poghosyan) - An American actress and model of Armenian descent, Naira has an international reputation for taking on roles from the raw to theRead More
(Sophia Marti) - Tatiana was born to an Armenian mother in Moscow. Tatiana then grew up in Spain however currently living in Paris. Tatiana graduated in theatre at theRead More
(Jean Milosh) - Leonardas is a Lithuanian actor, known for Defiance (2008), Christmas. Uncensored (2012) and Single Valentine (2013) Leonardas was born inRead More
(Michael Movsisyan) - Sos, a very well accomplished actor in Armenia, has played in numerous roles in a number of plays including ``The Single Couple``. Sos has alsoRead More
(Laura Sternvall) - Born in Marburg, Germany in 1967, Nina attended actor’s training at Munich``s Otto Falckenberg school for four yearsRead More
(Eduard Hoffman) - The acting-tradition in Benedict’s family began with his grandparents Maria Fein (Max Reinhardt) and Theodor Becker. As the youngest son of actors of RobertRead More
Armen is an Armenian born actor and director with an impressive theatre acting background. Armen graduated from the Yerevan State Institute ofRead More
Scriptwriter - Artavazd is an Armenian journalist and writer, born in Yerevan, Armenia. Artavazd studied at the Institute of Art, National Academy of Science of Republic of Armenia. Currently, Artavazd serves as the Editor in Chief for Yerevan City Magazine (see more...)Read More
Director of Photography - Rytis started his career as a freelance cinematographer after receiving a degree in cinematography at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (see more...)Read More
Co-Scriptwriter - Mko began his career as a cameraman at several TV Studios in 1997 and continued as a freelance Director of Photography. Mko is experienced in working with all kinds of film genres and video cameras; steadicam, aerial, underwater photography; (see more...)Read More
Line Producer - Narine, a film director and screenwriter born in Kapan, Armenia is currently based in Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia. Narine’s filmography includes four short films (see more...)Read More
Art Director - Sevakn, born in Yerevan, Armenia, studied Fine Arts at Armenian Open University. Sevakn is a member of “Artists' Union of Armenia” and “Folk Art Museum”. Sevakn has participated in many exhibitions, such as “Days of Armenian Culture in Russia”, Art Expo in Yerevan, (see more...)Read More
Composer - Michele’s work encompasses film soundtracks, choral and orchestral works, and far more than merely a composer. Michele is also a well known choir conductor. With his ensemble, Michele has won (see more...)Read More
Producer - Masis was born in Halidzor village, Syunik region of Armenia. Masis graduated from Sisian Secondary School N1 in the early 1970's. Masis then continued his education and graduated from Yerevan (see more...)Read More
Co-Producer - Marco, a native of Germany, is a producer, writer, and production manager (see more...)Read More
Supervisor Producer - A native Californian, Garo R. Madenlian, Esq. is a partner at Kevorkian and Madenlian LLP with (see more ...)Read More
Co-Producer - Teodora, a Bulgarian native was born in Gabrovo. Teodara, a founder and partner at the Timesless Production Group, graduated from High School (see more...)Read More
Producer - Kęstutis was born in Vilnius, Lithuania where he began his career in producing films in 1998, and since then he has become one of the most active and successful film producers (see more...)Read More
Co-Producer - Angelika launched Glaam Media Invest in 2007 while offering finance packaging and coproduction services to producers and investors in film and television production. (see more...)Read More
Co-Producer - Martin, a German-born producer, co-founded the production company ``The LAB`` in 2012 in Prague, Czech Republic. (see more...)Read More
Co-Producer - Daniel, a Bulgarian native, is the founder and partner at the Timeless Production Group. Daniel’s works include many foreign and Bulgarian (see more...)Read More
Executive Producer - Born in Tehran, Iran, Adrineh grew up in an Armenian community and attended a private French school. Adrineh’s family escaped to Germany from the turmoil ensued after the fall (see more...)Read More
Supervisor Producer - A native Californian, Arthur is the founder of EFP Realty through its exclusive relationship with John Hart Real Estate. Arthur specializes in the acquisition and sales of commercial and (see more...)Read More
Co-Producer - Steve, a French-born producer, co-founded the production company ``The LAB`` in 2012 in Prague, Czech Republic. The production company (see more...)Read More
Associate Producer - Robert is Austria’s most successful independent film producer and owner of ARTDELUXE Ltd. All of his company’s films were represented at (see more...)Read More




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    ”Fish eye Art” Cultural Foundation was created in Armenia in 2014 with a mission to create high quality cultural projects, particularly films, and its beliefs and values that are based on universal human values.

    For the past several years, ”Fish eye Art” Cultural Foundation has collaborated in a joint venture with National Cinema Center of Armenia and Lithuanian ARTBOX Production House, and in 2014, produced its first Armenian-Lithuanian full-length feature film Tevanik. After the Première in Yerevan, Tevanik was screened at the 67th Cannes International Film Festival receiving recognition from cinema professionals and festivals from around the globe and gaining more than fifteen awards for “Best Feature Film” in China, Italy, Romania, and US to name a few. It also screened in more than twenty countries worldwide. The film was translated into nine languages and was represented by international distribution in Greece, Romania, and United States.

    The Foundation’s second full-length feature film, The Last Inhabitant, included world class actors including Homayoun Ershadi from Iran, best known for his role in Taste of Cherry, winner of Palme d’Or 1997. The lead cast also included Alexander Khachatryan from Armenia and Sandra Dauksaite-Petrulene of Lithuania and supporting roles included talent from Greece, Russia, and the US. The promotion campaign of The Last Inhabitant started at 69th Cannes International Film Festival where the film was presented at Le Marché du Film. The Première took place in Armenia in the framework of the 13th “Golden Apricot” film festival.

    The film was considered at the 2017 Golden Globe Awards for “Best Foreign Language Film” and “Best Original Score” by Serj Tankian, world famous “System of a down” rock group soloist at the. The film was also included in 20th Shanghai International Film Festival in “Panorama” program and was screened at the 74th Venice International Film Festival in “Venice Production Bridge” program. The film also won “Best Film” and “Best Actor” awards at the Scandinavian International Film Festival in Helsinki, Finland. Later to be licensed by HBO Eastern Europe.